Photo Gallery


This is my friend Jim Novak, with Myself and my first violin, "The Savina", in the white.

Jim was very kind to give me an enormous amount of information and support throughout building my first violin.


Myself and Jim holding our first made violins along with our Schroepfer's.

Left to right, John Schroepfer #76, 1932, Moodivarius #1 "The Savina" 2007, Jim Novak #1 "EM" 1994, and John Schroepfer #79, 1933.



My family. Left to right, Sharon (mom), Neil (dad), Will (son), Sue (wife), Ben (son), and Myself.



Here is Al and Jeanie Savina with myself. They are the one's who gave me the Bird's Eye Maple that I used for my first violin. I named the violin after them.



Mel Auren, playing Moodivarius #1 "The Savina" . He is the one who inspired me to start playing violin when I was 12 years old.