Welcome to Scott Moody's violin website.

Moodivarius No.1 "The Savina" 2007


I live 6 miles north of the City of Dryden, located in the heart of Northwestern Ontario.

Dryden is on the Trans Canada Highway between Thunder Bay, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba , about 90 miles north of International Falls, Minnesota.


My interest in violins started  in the early 80's, when I was around 12 years old. Started playing, later repairing and restoring, and now building my own violins.


The literature that has helped me with the construction of my instruments has been Simone F. Sacconi "The Secrets of Stradivari", and Henry Strobel's books. "Violin Making, Step By Step", Art & Method Of The Violin Maker", Useful Measurements For Violin Makers", and "Violin Makers Notebook".


I would like to thank Jim Novak  for all the help and confidence he has given me throughout the process of making my first violin.


Here are some other people who have inspired me to start building my own violins.

They are, Carl F. Becker, David Langsather, Leif Luscombe and the late John Schroepfer.


I found David's website one of the most informative I've seen on violin making.