Final Finish


Jim Novak gave me a mix of Picric and distilled water for the yellow ground coat. I whipped it on with a rag like a stain. This was applied after my sizing coat.



Each coat was a thin JOHA "1A" German oil varnish thinned down with JOHA Oil varnish thinner. I wanted just enough varnish to colour it correctly yet have a shiny finish.


  With one coat of Amber, JOHA "1A" German oil varnish.




With four coats of Amber, JOHA "1A" German oil varnish.



Coat five Amber, JOHA "1A" German oil varnish was tinted with some red colour to give a more rich orange tint.

Coat six and seven where again, Amber, JOHA "1A" German oil varnish.


I kept fairly close track of the hours while building, it came to 200 hours, give or take a few.



The violin exceeded my expectations. I am quite proud of my first one.

The tone is very strong, yet mellow on all strings, and resonates well. It is very responsive to playing and has good projection.


Click on the icon to hear the sound.

I recorded it from the computer mic. It sounds better in person.