In the White.

The sizing coat.

Jim Novak gave me some grape leaf ash. I added enough to a quart of distilled water to colour it. Brought it to a boil three times. I let it settle and poured off the liquid. Leaving it settle in a jar for a few days, I then poured it off again through a coffee filter. Leaving it settle once more in the jar, there was no sediment left in the bottom.

I then took 3 parts water solution to 1 part potassium silicate and mixed it in a small bowl, enough to give the violin 1 coat.

This sizing, seals the pours of the wood and the potassium strengthens the surface of the wood.




The violin exceeded my expectations.

The tone is strong and mellow on the G and D strings, bright on the A and E string. The volume is loud and resonates well. I am told that once varnished and played for some time, the tone will even out between all strings.


Click on the icon to hear the sound.

I recorded it from the computer mic. It sounds better in person.



Next is the ground coat and the varnish.